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Rocket Launch Day - 27 Mar 2021

Cadets from Prescott Squadron 206 had a “blast” this past weekend at their first activity since the pandemic shutdown. They assembled model rocket CAP STEM kits.  The cadets spent two (2) hours on Saturday launching their personally crafted rockets. The town of Chino Valley graciously allowed the unit to launch rockets in an unused baseball field and the cadets picked up trash as a service project afterwards. Retired science teacher and AEM, Roger Hall, shared his expertise and the cadets expanded their knowledge in model rocketry with his guidance. C/SrA Mia Snyder used her leadership skills to ensure the safety of the cadets and senior members. They had an amazing time and look forward to more activities soon. Congrats to Cadets in attendance: 

C/Amn Blayden Horton

C/Amn Eliam Hreha

C/A1c Taylor Coyl

C/SrA Mia Snyder

C/CMSgt Jon De Luca

First Class Scout Max Lynott working on space exploration merit badge

The highlight from the day was learning about how minor changes in aerodynamics affect how the rockets fly. Only one rocket was lost, which is pretty good because we obtained high powered C6 motor’s and our rockets flew as high as 1,200 feet. We are excited to see our Cadets re-engaging in these activities.



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